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Caring for the Wimmera and Southern Mallee Region of Victoria

Visitors are always welcome at Wimmera Health Care Group, as they play an important role in the recovery and comfort of patients.

Visiting hours are designed to ensure patient rest and comfort. Rest period is from 12.30pm to 2pm and we prefer no visitors during this time. We encourage visitors to come between the hours of 2pm and 8pm if possible as mornings are often a very busy time on our wards.

Children are welcome, however, we ask that parents/carers take responsibility for their behaviour during their visit.

Alcohol/Illegal Drugs

Patients and visitors may not bring alcohol or use illegal drugs on hospital premises.

Automatic Teller Machine

A Bendigo Bank automatic teller machine is located in the hospital foyer at the Horsham campus for the convenience of patients and visitors.

Car Parking

Short term parking is permitted at the front entrance of the Horsham campus for dropping off or collecting patients. Visitors and disabled car parking bays are available. Please note that roadside parking is monitored by Horsham Rural City Council.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop operates at the Horsham campus from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays, excluding public holidays. It is situated in the front entrance of the hospital and offers a range of food items, beverages, gifts, newspapers and magazines.


Relatives and friends can send email greetings to patients via the following email address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . When sending an email greeting, please ensure that the patient's full name is included in the subject line.


Family and friends can enquire at any time about a patient's condition by telephoning Wimmera Health Care Group on (03) 5381 9111 and requesting to speak with ward staff. Switchboard staff are not authorised to provide any information on patients. To ease demand on the switchboard, it is suggested that one family member telephones and then passes the information on to other relatives/friends.


Family and friends can arrange for flowers to be delivered to patients at Wimmera Health Care Group. They will be delivered to the patient's room as they arrive. Please note that no flowers are permitted in the Intensive Care or Chemotherapy units.

Infection Prevention

To reduce the risk and spread of infections, visitors are requested to wash their hands or use hand cleaners before and after patient contact (research shows that clean hands dramatically decreases infections). Hand cleaners are available on all wards.

For patient safety, family and friends with cold/flu or gastroenteritis symptoms are asked not to visit until they are well.


Mail will be delivered to the patient's room as it arrives. The postal address for the Horsham campus is: Wimmera Health Care Group, Baillie Street, Horsham Vic 3400.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones transmit radio waves which may adversely affect some medical equipment. The use of mobile phones can also be intrusive and impact adversely on the environment of others.

Mobile phones must be turned off in operating theatres, the recovery room, intensive care unit and the neonatal nursery. If you need to use your mobile phone whilst visiting a patient, we encourage you to put it on silent or vibrate.

Public Transport

A taxi service is available in the Horsham area. There is also a town bus service available in Horsham. The bus stop and timetable is located near the entrance to the Horsham Campus on Baillie Street.

Relatives Wishing to see the Doctor

If you are relative of a patient and wish to speak to the doctor, you can make arrangements through our staff or alternatively by contacting the doctor's secretary for an appointment.

Rotary House

Rotary House provides temporary/emergency accommodation for families of patients who reside out of the immediate Horsham area and are using the services of Wimmera Health Care Group in Horsham. A nominal fee applies to recover costs for maintaining Rotary House. Please ask our staff for an information brochure.

Social Work

Admission to hospital can cause additional stress and worry for patients and their families. Wimmera Health Care Group's social workers are trained to help patients and their families with these and other issues. If a family member needs to talk to a social worker, please ask our staff for further details.


Wimmera health Care Group considers smoking to be a health hazard and a fire risk and therefore has a No Smoking Policy for staff, visitors and volunteers. Smoking is not permitted within any Wimmera Health Care Group grounds for staff, volunteers and visitors. Patients are assesed individually on their nicotine dependence and ability not to smoke during their stay.


At the Horsham campus, public telephones are located in the Emergency waiting room, near the hospital coffee shop and on Yandilla ward.


Visitors toilets are located near the front entrance to the Horsham campus (baby change table available) and on Oxley ward.